Student Life

Can I work while enrolled in the UW Genetic Counseling Graduate Program?
The pace and workload of the GCGP are very demanding, so we don’t recommend trying to work while you’re in the program. You’ll be taking classes full time during the day. In addition, you’ll have fieldwork assignments during regular business hours during the four quarters you’re enrolled in the practicum.

Can I get university housing as a GCGP student?
Yes. The UW has housing options for graduate students.


Do I have to have a car to travel to fieldwork sites?
Not necessarily. Many of your fieldwork sites are located within the city of Seattle and are accessible by public transportation and/or shuttle services. The director of fieldwork education can help you with any transportation issues.

Does my summer fieldwork rotation have to be completed in the Seattle area, or can I go somewhere else?
You’re not required to complete your summer rotation in Seattle. If you’d like to do your summer rotation elsewhere, you’ll need to meet with the program leadership as early as possible to discuss the logistics of your desired rotation. There may be additional requirements to make these rotations feasible.


If I am accepted to the GCGP, can I defer my enrollment?
Due to the high demand for training slots in genetic counseling programs and restrictions of the National Matching Service match process, we can’t defer enrollments.

Do you require applicants take the GRE?
No, we do not require GRE scores for applicants.

Do you accept applications from international students?
Yes, we welcome applications from international students.